Drawing A Friend And Colleague

Filming Roz Chast about her work with The New Yorker

Today, I embarked on the first step of a documentary I am developing. I am so excited! I have assembled a team of amazing women, Judith Mizrachy and Vanessa Gould, and today we shot our first footage.

The documentary is about the cartoon artists of The New Yorker who are women. Today we filmed Roz Chast, the famous New Yorker cartoonist (and my longtime friend), and it went incredibly well. She is very funny, quite insightful about her work, and shared insight about the time in which we both started at the magazine in the 1970’s. We took some footage of Roz and me walking in Central Park, going on and on about all the wonderfulness of the city and how it inspires us.

Then we shot some footage of me discussing the history of the subject at hand, based on my book Very Funny Ladies. This documentary will cover the history of women at the magazine, as well as contemporary artists. I am fascinated with it all

It was a long day! I drew the above while we were filming Roz.

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