Drawing Ordinary Stuff

People going through their day

One thing I love to do is draw ordinary life. Just stuff we go through every day. Today I was on a Hudson River Line train. I am fascinated by conductors: are they people that, as kids, always wanted to be a train person? I sometimes look at them and wonder about that, and try to picture them as a little kid obsessed with trains. Is it a job that is fun, boring, enjoyable, tedious? Are passengers annoying? Does the constant motion of the train get to them, or is it soothing?

Looking around the train, I saw all the rows of heads of people in front of me. That intrigued me as a visual, but I thought it was not quite interesting enough for a drawing alone. Then I saw our conductor taking tickets and thought I would draw him. Adding the heads gave it context and a fun design. Plus, I loved putting all the little tickets sticking out from the seats.

I think it tells a story of sorts.

I hope you enjoy the video grab above of me drawing this ordinary scene.

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Liza Donnelly