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Music and the Brush


Then music showed up

Just as I was to put brush to paper, a car drove by playing Al Green’s “How can you mend a broken heart.” I am a huge Al Green fan, and that song is beautiful and heartbreaking. I hadn’t yet decided to draw a flower but I think hearing that song pushed me there, brought a flower to the surface.

A flower probably won’t mend a broken heart, but it wouldn’t hurt.

What is this connection? I don’t play any music while working, but I might start , just to see what happens. I always thought it distracting, pulling me from my conscious brain. I imagine it does just that, and enters the senses in ways we don’t understand.

My hunch is that being unconsciously guided is a good thing. Guided, or persuaded, or moved, or encouraged, or ushered towards new shapes and expression.

Having drawn with Yo-Yo Ma playing next to me (and to me) has opened up a whole new world.

I want to do more.

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