Shaye Moss, Hero

Harrassed Poll Worker testifies at January 6th Hearing


Yesterday was an emotional day of testimony at the January 6th Hearing. It was a day to demonstrate how Trump tired to pressure local officials to add fake electors, or find him some ballots…maybe make them up… or all of the above. We heard how he tried to pressure local officials, threaten, and potentially bribe them into doing what he wanted in order to “win” the election. Or rather, steal it.

We also heard from a woman named Shaye Moss, a Georgian poll worker of many years, who testified at length about the violent threats she received after Trump and Guiliani wrongly accused her—on television and on social media— of stealing votes. Trump supporters made her and her family’s life hell, and she constantly feels in danger still. Here was a proud woman who loved to help people at the polls every election year, and she cannot do that any longer, nor does she feel safe being in public. It’s so very sad. And so very wrong. Ms. Moss was brave to come and testify yesterday and her testimony was incredibly powerful. Watch it here. I don’t know what we can do for her. I hope our government is providing protection and housing if she cannot be at home.

I wanted to honor her by drawing her. Above is the video grab of my drawing while I did it live on Instagram TV. You can see that broadcast here.

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